Come Lord Jesus, Come!

If you’ve been trying to hold off Christmas maybe hoping it wouldn’t come this year, forget it!  I’ve already heard Christmas music playing on the radio.  I’ve already seem plenty of ads reminding me that a week after this Friday is “Black Friday.”  I’ve already seen stores stocked with everything that’s guaranteed to make your Christmas merry and bright.  Yes, there is no way around it – Christmas is coming.

I’ve also began to carry my 2012 planning and appointment calendar.  “A little early” you say – no not realy for the new Church Year begins on November 27th – that’s the first Sunday after Thanksgiving.  The Church Year begins not on January 1st but on the fourth Sunday before Christmas. 

The four Sundays before Christmas are known as the Season of Advent.  Advent means coming.  During Advent, the Christians Church think about and prepares for the coming of Christ.  There are two different comings of Christ that we focus on during Advent.  The first is Christ’s second coming.  The Bible tells us that on the Last Day Jesus will return in all of heaven’s glory and everyone will see Him.  It doesn’t tell us when that day will come, but does remind us that it will “come like a thief in the night.”  Therefore we are to be ready for Christ’s coming always.  So one of the themes of Advent is being ready for Christ’s second coming.

The second focus is more obvious.  It’s the coming of the Christ Child at His birth.  We celebrate that every Christmas.  Christians use the time of Advent to prepare for the celebration of Christ’s birth.  Many Churches including Christ Our Savior of the Valley Lutheran have special midweek services during the Advent season to help everyone prepare for the celebration of Christ’s birth.  It’s a time for putting up light, decorating homes and churches, baking cookies, Christmas parties, reading God’s Word and much more.  It’s all a part of getting ready, because soemone special is coming soon!

With that in mind, a good Advent prayer is a simple; “Come Lord Jesus,Come!”  We pray the Christ would come soon and that until He comes, we would be faithful always trusting in Him as our Lord and Savior.  We pray that the distractions of this world, would not turn us away from Christ, our Lord and Savior.

And we pray that we might also remember “the reason for the season.”  We pray that we don’t forget the main thing – the most important thing – that Jesus came into our world of sin and became our brother to suffer, died and rose again on Easter morning so that we might have the blessed hope of eternal life. 

“Come Lord Jesus, Come.”  That’s my prayer for you. That you will know the joy of Christ’s coming both at His second coming as King of kings and Lord of lords and as the Child of Bethlehem.

  Why not join us on Sunday’s for worship at 11:00 and on November 30, December 7 and 14 for special Midweek Advent services.

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