In the Eye of the Storm

I’m guessing that many of you did as I did last week and even Sunday – kept an eye on Hurricane Irene.  Having lived on the Gulf of Mexico for fifteen years and having experienced the effects of several hurricanes, I know first hand the damage that can result from them.  Once Judy and I decided to stay in our home, and after that storm passed directly over our home, we vowed never to stay inour home again when a hurricane approached our community.

Yet I must tell you that I’m glad I had the opportunity to experience a hurricane.  It was a mimimal hurricane – but it was a hurricane and it packed all kinds of power.  There was a gradual increase in the wind blowing out of the Northwest and lots of rain.  I remmember it raining all morning and as the wind increased, the rain was coming down sideways.  Several trees in the back blew down and then there came the calm.  The sky cleared.  There was no wind.  We were in the “eye of the storm.” 

After visting with the neighbors and checking out the damage in our neighborhood, the wind began to pick up again.  Twenty minutes or more had past, but now the calm was coming to an end.   The wind continue to increase, this time out of the south and the rain wasn’t far behind.   The eye of the storm had passed directly over our house.  After a few more hours of wind and rain, the storm move to the north and things began to calm down and the great cleanup began.

I am reminded of words in the chorus of the hymn titled ‘The Eye of the Storm which says: “No matter what storm clouds may rock this ship of mine, I shall rest in the eye of the storm.”  Psalm 106 tells us “Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and He delivered them from their distress.  He made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed.  Then they were glad that the waters were quiet, and He brought them to their desired haven” (Verses 29-30).    And Job 26:12 reminds us; “By His power He stilled the sea…”  There is the reminder from Scripture that God is indeed in control of the sea and even the storms which form on the seas.  But so what!

So what?  If God made the sea and is in control of the storms which form on the sea, then it is also true that the storms are NOT stronger than God is.  We fully understand that we on our own are no match for the storms of the sea or any other storms for that matter, so therefore our hope can only be found in the One who made the sea and controls the storms which form on it.  During the storms of life – hurricanes or any other storm – there is only one hope – only one place to find calm – it is in the eye of the storm where the One who is at the center of all of life can be found.  He is the one who brings calm and sunshine to our lives in the midst of rain and wind.  And while the calm may only last until the next period of unrest, He provides that period of rest and renewal in the ‘eye of the storms’ of our lives.

On that day when I experienced the eye of the hurricane, the calm didn’t last forever, but it did provide the assurance that there was such a thing as peace, sun shine and calm.  That period of time spent in the “eye of the storm” served as a reminder, that in a short time it would all be over with, since the first half had already passed on.  And so too, God also provides us with the opportunity to be renewed through the calm that comes in the midst of storms in our lives.  That calm may be in the form of friends, the reading of God’s Word, and much more.  We know that it will not last forever, but for the moment all is well and we are safe.

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