Now It’s Number Seven!

Can you believe that game last night!  Wow, what a game!!  I have to admit something – I went to bed when it was Texas 7 and St. Louis 5  thinking that it was all over.  I know what you are thinking – what kind of baseball fan is he?  Well, I would like to think that I’m a good one, after all I travel all the way from West Virginia to Kansas City to see my beloved Royals play their last home game of the season in September.  But last night I jumped the gun!  I thought the game was over.  Shame on me!

So now we wait for the conclusion of game number seven.  No matter who you are hoping will win tonight, one thing is certain- after tonight no matter how many innings it takes, one of these two teams will win this game and be crowned world champions.  And one more thing – this time I will not go to bed early.

Without doubt, the St. Louis Cardinals have hung in there.  There are a Wild Card team that barely got into the play offs.  Now they are playing their hearts out, hoping to win tonight.  They are going to have to continue to hang in there, if they are going to win tonight.  And with that said, I am reminded of what the Church in many places will be remembering this coming Sunday.  It will be Reformation Sunday and we will be remembering the blessings we have as a result of the work of Dr. Martin Luther and the other reformers.  We will be celebrating our Lutheran heritage and be reminding ourselves, that men like Martin Luther had to edure and stand fast during this difficult period of time.

Most people remember Luther’s famous words at the Diet of Worms, where he was asked to explain and defend his teachings.  The Church of Luther’s day wanted him to recant – take back all he said was wrong with the Church’s practice and teachings.  But Luther could not do that.  He could not recant.  He believed his teachings were in complete agreement with God’s holy and inspired Word.  So when the opposition would wait no more and demanded an answer, Luther uttere those now famous words, “Here I stand!” 

That was it right?  No, that was only the beginning of Luther’s fight.  In the coming months he would be hunted like wild game.  But he would hang in there – he had taken his stand because he believed that his teaching were based on a correct understanding of God’s Word – that man “was saved by grace through faith” – his “here I stand” was not just a thory, but based on the eternal truths found in the life saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

And nothing has changed in the Lutheran Church known as Christ Our Savior of the Valley!  Worship with us and you will hear the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Your will find the pure Sacraments as well.  You will find that all that is said, taught,  preached, and sung is wraped in the eternal truths Luther worked so hard to uncover and preserve.  And it upon these truths that we at Christ Our Savior of the Valley stand. 

And because we stand on these eternal truths, we are certain of God’s love and forgiveness.  We are certain that some day we will stand in heaven beside Jesus, our Lord and Savior.  We have no reason to wonder if everything will turn out alright.  We will be winners, because we are already winners through faith in Christ Jesus.  Here we stand!

Why not join us and find out how good it is to stand on the eternal truths of God’s Word.

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