Number 162

Well you wouldn’t think that in both the American and National league it would all come down to game number 162 would you?  But it is going to be game number 162 that is going to determine what team in both the American and National baseball league will be the Wild card team.  After all that Spring Training.  After a season that began in the first of April.  After a long hot summer and thrills galore it’s all going to come down to tonight’s games in Tampa and Houston.

Well we’ll see what happens tonight.  I know that everyone is not a baseball fan like I am.  Last week I was blessed to see two games, one in Kansas City and one in St. Louis.  Never thought that it would all come down to tonight’s game for St. Louis when I was there.  Yes, number 162 will settle everything!

Wait a minute, is this a baseball blog?  No, but it sure can teach us a lot about life and the certainty of God’s grace and mercy.  Like most sports, in baseball one is never certain what the outcome will be until the game is over or in tonight’s case, until the regular season is over.  After tonight’s games it’s going to be over for some teams while others will get the honor to continue to play in the post-season.  True, it took a long season and many games to get to tonight’s final, but in baseball nothing is certain until the final game and the final out is made.

Those who believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, however, find themselves with a different  ending.  For the Christian, there is not the uncertainty of waiting until the final game and the final out.  For the Christian, certainity is the norm and not uncertainly.  In Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior, come the assurance of eternal life.  The Bible never talks about “might being saved” but always speaks about the certainty of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.  “For by grace you have been saved through faith ( Eph. 2:8).  Note the words “have been.”  It’s already done.  There is not a question – no waiting until the final inning – the final out.

And therefore Christians go through the season of life knowing what the final out will bring.  Not defeat.   Not being left out of the playoffs.  Rather certain of an eternal victory.  Certain of winning it all.  How can that be?  Because Christ has played a perfect game on our behalf.  He never made an error.  He never struck out.  He played a perfect game and did so for us.

Number 162.  Tonight it will end with the final out.  Who will play in the post-season?  We’ll know tonight with the final out is made, but for now we’ll just have to wait and see.  Thank God heaven is certain!

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