Core Values

I’ve been asked what the results of the election mean to me and I guess it needs answering.  I have determined that the Church has not often stood up for what it believes in the “public square” and therefore must bear some responsibility for the direction our nation is heading.  Someone told me this morning, that evil won last night.  I understand that person’s feelings.  I too believe that evil did win last night.  It is hard sometimes to see the good within a world of declining values.  Someone else was even more pessimistic in a post on Face Book.  They suggest that our nation was beyond the point of no return.  A gloomy outlook indeed.

For some I’m sure it’s all a matter of which party you are in.  And a Christian has the responsibility to know what their party stands for on moral issues and then to vote accordingly.  However, many in our time vote for the popular person and ideas with no consideration as to beliefs and values of the candidate and party.  If they have core values which are Christian and based on what  God’s Word – the Bible teaches, they fail to act and vote according to them.  I am reminded of Jesus’ words to the Church in Sardis: “I know your works.  You have a reputation of being alive, but you are dead” (Rev. 3:1b).  In other words, while confessing to be Christians, they fail to vote the faith they confess.

Others, do not share these “core values” at all.  They may be outside the faith all together.  Being outside of the Christian faith, their “core values” system is much different.  It has been and continues to be shaped by the values of our society.  For them there is no absolute truth.  And since their “core values” are being formed by something other that the absolute truth of God’s Word, they vote with a much different goal in mind.

Perhaps, today is a good day to ask ourselves several questions.  First of all how are my “core values” being formed?  If I can honestly say that it’s God word, then I need to ask myself if I voted with those “core values” in mind.  For example am I willing to vote for someone who does not value life as precious.  And then I also must ask if I am modeling and teaching those “core values ” to my children, family and community.   A Christian hardly has the right to complain about the direction of society if they are not modeling or teaching their “core values.”

That’s where I’m at on this after the election morning.  For me it’s all a matter of “core values.”  It’s rather clear to me, that many have a far different set of “core values” than I do and therefore that’s how they voted.  Still others I believe confess to have the same “core values” as I do, however, they are silent and do not voice them with their vote.

Jesus said; “By their fruits you will know them” (Matthew 7:20).  In the end how we voted says much about who we are deep inside us.  To change the direction of our nation, will take a change of heart.  Pray that hearts will be changed.  With changed hearts will come changed “core values.”  With changed “core values” will come citizens who will want to change the direction of our nation.

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