It Is Finished!

It’s Holy Saturday.  All is calm.  It is a evening of rest.  It’s been a draining week.  Holy Week is that way.  It’s draining for pastor and congregation alike.  So much going on.  So much to do.  So much to keep up with.  But we have made it to this point and tonight will be a night of calm and peace.  A night of calm and peace as we wait for the morning sunrise and the voice of the angel who will proclaim for all to hear; “He is risen!”


Yes tomorrow our Alleluias will sound forth again!  It’s the high point of the whole Church Year.  It will be the Feast of the Resurrection!  We will gather and we will sing and our joy will be complete, for it is finished and all is well.  Christ has done His redeeming work and His Heavenly Father has approved.  Our sins are forgiven through faith in Christ Jesus.  Our salvation is real.  Jesus payed the price – He bought us with His very own blood.  Yes, it is finished!


Yes, we were in shock as we watched on Thursday evening.  The arrest.  The mock trial.  We watch knowing that it should have been us, but He was going ahead with the Father’s plan.  He took the beatings.  He shed His blood.  He was disfigured.  He went to the cross.  He died.  He endured all that I should have endured.  He took my place.  He died my death.  He did it all for me.  And from the cross His voice was loud and clear: “It is finished!”

And so tonight I am at peace.  I am at peace because it is finished.  There is nothing more that needs to be done for my salvation.   And now I await the morning sun.  Now I await the trumpet’s sound.  Now I await the opened tomb.  And I on this Holy Night do so with confidence, for I know that it is truly finished!   Thanks be to God!

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