What Did We Learn?

The recent storm that knocked out power, internet and other services in West Virginia, forced most of us to do things a little differently that we are use to doing.  For many it was an impossible situation.  One person told me they thought they were “losing their mind.”  Looking back, perhaps we need to ask ourselves; “What did we learn?”

Perhaps we descovered that life without electrity is for the birds.  I can still remember my days on the farm in Kansas during the hot days of July.  We had no air conditioning and so we prayed for a good breeze at night so could get a good nights rest.  Back then we had no cell phones or internet service, in fact I remember only a phone hanging on the wall with a crank on it.  Back then a good cold drink came from the water well – we didn’t use much ice on the farm.

Perhaps we’ve become a little too relieant on all the things we think we need to live today.  I will admite that I felt like I was out of touch with the rest of the world. I had a small radio which kept us on top of everything, however, it sure wasn’t the internet.  Perhaps, God lets us experiene a storm every so often, so that we’ll remember our roots and where we’ve come from.  Or maybe God uses storms like the one we had to remind us that “every good and perfect gift” comes from Him.

They say that trouble brings both the best and worst in people.  I saw some of each during the storm.  Some complained about everything while others were thankful that they were alive and for what they had.  Some were mad at everybody, while others we rejoicing in what others had and in what they shared.

Often times older people ask; “Why am I still here?  Why doesn’t God just take me home?”  We forget that we were created to serve.  We were created by God to serve our fellow man.  And some of us are here so that someone will have the opportunity to serve us.  I hope that we took advantage of the opportunity the storm brought to serve others.  If we didn’t, we should learn that important lesson from the storm.

“I just prayed that everything would be OK” one women told me.  That’s another lesson I hope we learned – that we need to depend upon God not just during and after storms, but all the time.  The Bible tells us; “Cast you cares upon Him for He cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7).  Yes, God knows our needs before we even ask, however, we are to come to Him in faith seeking His help knowing that He hears our prayers and will grant us our needs according to His good and gracious will.

What did we learn from the storm?  I hope many things, but above all that in the end we must commite ourselves into the hands of a gracious and loving God who promise to be with us until the end of time.

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