New Beginnigs!

Well it’s a New Year and there are many things that remind us of new beginnings.  Not only are we in the so called “post holiday” times, the calendar tell us that we have begun 2013.  That means putting a new date on checks and other documents.  It means that we are in a new taxing year and it’s too last to do anything about our 2012 income taxes.  With resolutions made and planning done, we’re ready to plow forward into 2013.

We also observed a new beginning of sorts, with the inauguration of the President of our nation to a second term.  The President begins  a second four year term as president of our nation.  While much may remain the same, none- the- less we begin that second term of governance.

Yet the most important beginning of all, is a beginning that the Church holds up as transforming and liberating.  That beginning or rather new beginning is found in the Sacrament of Holy Baptism.  Sanctified by our Lord’s own baptism, this precious Sacrament gives not only a new beginning for all who are baptized, it also means a new beginning each and everyday for the Christian.

First the new beginning that occurs at our Baptism.  Born sinners and in need of God’s forgiveness, the Sacrament of Holy Baptism gives us a new beginning, because Christ through His suffering and death has made that possible through this precious Sacrament.  The Bible tells us that we are born sinners – “in sin did my mother conceive me” said King David in Psalm 51:5.  Without the intervention of God’s saving action, we are doomed forever and separated from God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness.  Without help, there is no hope of heaven.  As born again Christians, we have the certain hope of eternal life.  Forgiveness of sins is received in Holy Baptism and the gift of faith is given and with that the promise of eternal life.  In Holy Baptism, God declares me forgiven – not guilty!

But there is so much more!  As a baptized child of God, I now have the promise of daily forgiveness through repentance and faith in Christ Jesus.  That means that I begin each new day as a liberated and cleansed child of God.  Now I live now in fear of missing out on salvation, but in the full confidence that my sins are forgiven.  Set free from sin’s bondage, I can live my life to the glory of God as I serve my neighbor and thereby serve my Lord.  Daily remembering my Baptism, I am sure of my salvation and know that if something should die this day, I will awake in my Savior’s arms.

New beginnings.  Have you experienced a true new beginning?  If you have not, I would love the opportunity to speak to you about it.

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