All I Want for Christmas is….

It’s that time of the year when we hear the word “want” uttered often, especially from the mouths of children.  Sometimes we ask for it, because we ask; “What do you ‘want’ Santa to bring you for Christmas?”  But we adults do the same.  We often ask someone; “What do you ‘want’ for Christmas?”  Most interesting to me, that I seldom hear; “What do you need for Christmas?”  It seems that our society has instilled in us the need to use the word “want” rather than the word “need.”

Children of all ages of course, can name off a list of “wants” in a flash.  There is always a list on our minds of the things we want.  True, they may not be realistic things always, but there is always that list.

Now it’s true, that calling them “wants” might be a little unfair, after all calling them dreams sure sounds milder.  I can have lots of dreams, while also knowing that many of them are just that, dreams that will never be fulfilled and may well be soon forgotten.  I might be “Dreaming of a White Chrismas” but the reality of that coming true in Florida is slim at best.

There is also the factor of what is best for us.  Children often “want” items that could endanger the lives.  They may “want” something that is geared for older children and in no way should they receive it as a gift.  And adults also, often “want” something that they are not emotionally or physically able to wrap their arms around it.

But in the midst of all this wanting comes the good news of a God who knows just what we need.  He sends the gift we need, not wanted.  He gives us His one and only Son, born in Bethlehem’s manger to begin the journey to the cross to die for our sins.  Now all who accept by faith this gift, have the needs of forgieness of sin met.

You see God did give us what man “wanted” for what man wanted was for God to stay away.  Rather God’s love looked beyond what man “wanted” and out of love gave the gift that man “needed.”  And that is indeed “good news” for all.

God grant you a very Blessed and Merry Christmas!!



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